Mesa 2017 Campus Equity Week Announcement

This Geoff Johnson (mixinminao) reading a general announcement for Campus Equity Week Events at San Diego Mesa College

An Adjunct Poem

Good adjuncts, my poor attempt at literary aspirations:

New Day in Otay

It’s 6:45 and I’m driving up the 905
A can of Rockstar in my hand, trying to revive
Up till one marking through a set
Of essays comparing Frederick Douglass to Malcolm X
Struggling to read, and my students too
have challenges in prose, most tortured attempts
of grammar and syntax, their sentences often
show a dream deferred of how their parents
crossed a border now just minutes away in space
and yet how after 40 years of “progess”
there’s still another border to be crossed.
I teach to help my students climb the fence
That lies between Walmart, the prison,
public assistance and the dream
which takes commitment, and yet,
Spurred by a border of my own, asserting I
Can never call any one college my own, must
Leave these dreams deferred as the sun now is high
And its pounding heat leaves the land dry.

Note: Otay is a reference to the Southwestern Community College Higher Ed. Center located in Otay Mesa, a relatively barren patch of land just two miles from the border and three miles from a medium-security prison

NAWD Action Item #7: make and Wear T-Shirt

Good Adjuncts:

For those of you who like something more visual and durable (like after Feb. 25th the skies will cleave open and adjuntification will disappear and birds will sing).  A T-shirt may be the better way to go.  I know there’s a few designs out there already designs out there, but this is one that we came up with at Adjunct crisis.

t-shirt 1 t-shirt 2

If you want, I can send the jpegs of the designs so you can make one for yourselves.  For any San Diego Mesa College or Southwestern Community College folks who want a shirt, I’ll be contacting you via campus email.

Geoff Johnson

A Good and Sartorially Splendorous Adjunct

Adjunct Poem

Good Adjuncts,


This is by my colleague at Southwestern College Erin Vrugic:


A 7 Letter Word


                       Dirty seven letter word

                    unJustly describing

                      oUr Walmartification

    of AmericaN higher education, Faculty

                     ACross the United States.

                      Together we stand,

                    together we rise

                    to support equal labor rights

                    for all.

You’re so right Erin.

Geoff Johnson

A Good Adjunct